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Title: RAM - Research and Analysis of Media - Measuring the value of communication

Description: RAM is a unique research system that measures how advertisements and articles are read and understood - and what impact they have. The system has been developed to meet the Media's need for surveys and market research and is primarily based on standardized questionnaires, which subscribing media can order on-line.

Keywords:Advertising impact, Annonseffekt, Annonsmätning, Annonsräckvidd, Annonstest, Annonsundersökning, Artikelmätning, Artikeltest, Artikelundersökning, Audience research, Copytest, Kampanjtest, Knowledge, Läsarpanel, Magazine, Media analysis , Media research, Newspaper, Page Traffic, Polls, Reader panel, Reader panels, Readership, Recognition, Reference database, Research, Survey, Tracking, Website, effektiva enkätverktyg, enkäter, undersökningar, uppföljningar, surveys

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